Piedmont Eggs and other things

Inspired by Laura Calder’s Piedmont Eggs recipe, I decided to make some of my own. No anchovies or parsley in the house. No worries! I simply substituted fresh mint and cilantro for the parsley, added in some lemon juice instead of anchovies and voila, a sumptuous, tongue smearing, lip smacking pickling sauce!

Basically whisk together olive oil (75% extra virgin, 25% regular), garlic, lemon, mint, cilantro, tomato paste, salt and pepper to form a thick dressing/ sauce. Boil some fresh eggs, pour the sauce over and jar them for 24 hours. Eat with crusty bread!

It was almost lunch time as the eggs were boiling, so what did I do? Toast a couple of slices, spread some salted smooth ricotta cheese and a tablespoon of the Piedmont dressing on top. Yummy lunch!