10 Gourmet Kitchen Tools for Home Cooks

Food Network posted a list of Top 10 Gourmet Kitchen Tools for Home Cooks. So what do I have of the 10? Utility knife..marble pastry board (my rolling marble cart!) and I used to have an apple corer (not peeler). Frankly, the only thing I think I’m missing is a mandolin. I was recently gifted … [Read more…]

Salt, and why you love it so much

A recent expose by the New York Times found that “Without salt the cereal (Corn Flakes) tasted metallic. Eggo waffles evoked stale straw….Salt really changes the way that your tongue will taste the product,” Mr. Kepplinger said. “You make one little change and something that was a complementary flavor now starts to stand out and … [Read more…]

Nigerian Flair

My husband grew up in Nigeria until he was 11 years old. Over the years, he has often reminisced about the flavours of his childhood. So, for his birthday last year, I hunted down some Nigerian recipes and prepared a feast of Moi Moi, Fried Plantains and Goat Stew.       Well, it’s that … [Read more…]


So I’ve finally done it. Or rather, my darling husband’s done it – set up my w&b (website & blog) so that I can procastinate no longer! The world must have access to my creations…. poor world, it doesn’t know what’s just been unleashed.