Breakfast Menage-e-trois

Sun dried tomato, goat cheese and basil omelette

* 4 eggs
* 1 tbsp evaporated milk/cream/ 2%
* 2 tbsp sun dried tomatoes in oil, chopped roughly
* 4 tbsp soft un-ripened goat cheese
* Olive oil
* Pepper
* Small handful of fresh basil leaves

How to Cook

* Beat eggs, tomatoes, milk, basil and pepper together
* In a small egg pan heat some olive oil and pour in half the mixture
* Cook on medium heat until the egg has almost set
* Flip over and put 2 tbsp of goat cheese (sliced) onto the cooked side, and fold over half way to shape a moon
* Cook until lightly browned on both sides and serve
* Use the remaining ½ (half) mixture and goat cheese to make the second omelette

Sautéed Cremini Mushrooms and Grape Tomatoes

* 8 large cremini mushrooms, halved
* Handful of grape tomatoes
* Olive oil
* Salt
* Pepper
* 1 garlic clove, smashed

How to Cook

* Heat olive oil in a pan and add in the smashed garlic clove when hot
* On medium-high hear, add in the mushrooms and seasoning and fry till edges are brown
* Add in grape tomatoes and cook till tomatoes are seared and mushrooms have softened
* If the mixture seems dry at any point, drizzle in more olive oil

Smoked salmon and goat cheese triangles

* 2 slices wholemeal nut bread
* 4 slices smoked salmon
* Soft goat cheese
* Swedish mustard sauce
* Lemon
* Chives, snipped

How to Assemble

* Toast the bread and slice each diagonally into triangles
* Spread goat cheese on the toast, a tbsp of Swedish mustard and top with smoked salmon slices
* Drizzle lemon and snipped chives over it and serve